About Title I Bypass

What is Title I Bypass?

The non-public provisions of the Title I law ensure qualifying private school students receive Title I services equitable to services provided in the public school. Title I is provided to eligible private school students from 54 school districts in four regions of Missouri under the Title I Bypass. Regions served include St. Louis Metro, South State, Mid-State, and North State.

The Title I Bypass Program in Missouri provides eligible students attending private schools with a supplemental instructional program of essential knowledge and skills. Students are educated in a manner that assists them in developing and achieving grade appropriate expectations while fulfilling their potential.

The eligibility criteria to receive Title I services apply to all Missouri students, whether they are enrolled in public or private schools. If a student attends a private school, lives within the attendance area of a Title I public school and meets the specified educational criteria, the qualifying student in the private school may receive assistance in the form of Title I services. These services provide differentiated small group supplemental instruction in reading and math and give the students the opportunity to achieve success in their classroom.

In instances, where eligible students attending a private school are not receiving Title I services comparable to their public school counterparts, the U.S. Secretary of Education may elect to “bypass” the public school system and make arrangements for services to be provided through another agent.

NonPublic Educational Services, Inc. (NESI), a subsidiary of Catapult Learning LLC, is the agent contracted by the U.S. Department of Education to provide Title I services to PreK through twelfth grade students attending private schools. Student must meet the eligibility requirements and live within the boundary areas of a public Title I school in one of the following 54 “bypassed” public school divisions:

1. Blue Springs
2. Brentwood
3. Campbell
4. Cape Giradeau
5. Charleston
6. Chillicothe
7. Clinton
8. Columbia
9. Community RVI
10. Crystal City
11. DeSoto
12. Farmington
13. Ferguson/Florissant
14. Festus RVI
15. Fox Arnold
16. Francis Howell RIII
17. Gasconade/Hermann
18. Hancock Place
19. Hannibal #60
20. Jackson RII
21. Jefferson City
22. Jennings
23. Kansas City #33
24. Kingston k14 Cadet
25. Kirkwood RVII
26. Maplewood/Richmond
27. Maries County Vienna
28. Marshall
29. Maryville RII
30. Meramac RII Pacific
31. Mexico #59
32. Monroe City RI
33. Monteau California
34. N. Kansas City #74
35. N. St. Francois RI
36. New Madrid
37. Normandy
38. Oran RIII
39. Osage RII Linn
40. Park Hill
41. Perry County #32
42. Poplar Bluff RI
43. Sedalia #200
44. Springfield RXII
45. St. Charles
46. St. Clair
47. St. Joseph
48. St. Louis
49. Ste. Genevieve RII
50. Union
51. University City
52. Valley Park
53. Webster Grove
54. Wentzville RIV

What is Title I?

Title I is a federal program with a history of
providing valuable educational services to millions of children.


Virginia Private Schools

View a list of Missouri private schools
where Title I services are provided
through the MO Bypass


What is NESI?

In Missouri, the Title I Bypass programs are administered by NonPublic Educational Services, Inc.,
known as NESI