Tips for Parents

 Living With, Talking With, and Understanding Your Children

App Chat
Information about apps you and your student can use at home.

Reading Sites For Parents

Math Sites For Parents

Parent Resources from the National PTA
Do you have a child who is the victim of bullying at school? Need some ideas for getting your family more physically active? Do you want to make the most of your next parent-teacher conference? The National PTA site has information for parents on Student Achievement, Safety, Media Technology, and Health & Wellness.

Testing Tips

Advice and Activities for Making Standardized Testing Less Stressful for Your Child

Understanding Standardized Testing
Here’s what parents need to know before their children sharpen their number 2 pencils to take standardized tests. What are they? What do they measure? How can you prepare your child for test day? How do you interpret the test results?

How to Solve Word Analogies
Word Analogies are a special type of question often found on standardized tests. Here are tips so you can help your child master this type of question.

Read the Newspaper Together to Improve Your Child’s Test-Taking Scores
Help your child prepare for standardized tests by scanning the local news.

Watch TV Together to Improve Your Child’s Test-Taking Skills
Take an active role in helping your children prepare for standardized tests. Here’s a simple, brain-boosting activity you can do together.

Home and Schools Working Together

Websites Connecting Families and Schools for Children’s Success

The go-to guide for success in school, this website includes information by Grade Level and by Subject.  It also includes Safety, Social-Emotional, Printables, and healthy, child-friendly Recipes sections. You can also sign up for their twice-a-month email newsletter.

¡Colorín colorado!
in Spanish & English

This bilingual site was created just for parents and families to provide the information they need to help their children become good readers and successful students.

LD Help

Helpful Articles About Learning Disabilities, Including Attention Deficit Disorder

10 Quick Q&A about Learning Disabilities
Find out about learning disabilities and how they affect your child.

The Five Minute Fun Break
If your child is getting frustrated with an assignment, taking a short break to do something fun together may be just what he needs to help him get back on track. Instructions for using this strategy: If your child is getting frustrated with an assignment, take a break to do something fun together. When a child just can’t figure out how to approach the assignment (as in math), he can become incapable of hearing anyone explain it to him. That’s the perfect time for a fun break. Take five minutes with your child to shoot baskets or dance to his favorite music. Shifting gears should break up the bad vibes so you can start fresh.

ADHD: An Introduction
The characteristics of ADD evident 40 years ago are still the same seen today. It is our understanding of ADD/ADHD that has evolved.

Homework Tips for the Child with Learning Disabilities
Try these tips and ease some of those homework frustrations.

Meds in the Backpack
If you’re sending your child to school with medication, follow these commonsense suggestions to avoid potential problems.

Five Strategies to Support Your Child with LD
Here are five of the most important things parents can do if their child has a learning disability.

Communication and Coping Tips for Students with LD
Students with LD can use these communication tips to help themselves in school and in life. Teach your child how to ask for–and receive–the help he or she needs from teachers.

Links to Parent LD and Disability Resources
National associations and non-profit organizations have web resources designed to answer questions and help parents of children with learning differences or disabilities.