Online Interactive Writing Activities: Write Your Own Stories, Books, Comics, Letters and Poems

Dot’s Story Factory from PBSKids
Write your own story with or without Dot’s help.

Add stickers, draw pictures, or add photos to illustrate your writing. You can even share your writing online.

Stapleless Book
Create and print a little 8-page book on any topic.

Each page can be based on one of seven different layouts.  (Watch this video to see how to fold and cut your book so it stays together without staples.)Type in the text you want on each page.  Make any type of book you want: picture book, nonfiction book, books of lists or facts, fiction, scrapbook, journal, personal dictionary, or any other type of book you want.
Additional information and book ideas.

Comic Creator
Create and print your own comic strip.

Name your comic and pick the layout you want. Choose a setting, character and object for each panel. Add speech bubbles and the words each character speaks.  Print your comic strip when it is complete.

Writing How-to Instructions
How to: Make a Jam Sandwich, Make a Robot, Put up a Tent, or Put a Cover on a Duvet

For each step in the process, select the best sentence that tells what to do.

Letter Generator

Write your own Friendly Letter or Business Letter

When you select Friendly Letter or Business Letter, you will be guided through writing each part of the letter, such as heading, salutation, body, closing and signature. Select a border for your letter, if you like. Save your letters or print them.

Pinky Dinky Doo Story Box
Create a story with a beginning, middle and end.
Select the type of story you want to make – silly, fairy tale, mystery, scary, or outer space story.  Click on your illustrated choices to complete the sentences.  The story is then read aloud as each word is highlighted.

Word Mover
Create poems from words in word banks or add your own words.
Select and move around the “magnetic words” to create and save your own poems.
Online Poetry Writing
OK, young poets, we know you’re pretty good with words, but how many forms of poetry can you create?  Step right up, and create different forms of poems instantly.