Phonics Resources:
Learning the Sounds of Letters and Letter Combinations

Starfall Online games, books, and videos for learning



abcTeach Free materials include

Reading A-Z Resources include





TampaReads Coloring sheets, classroom activities, cut-outs, and oversized teaching letters for the digraphs chshth, and wh

WorkSheetGenius Includes

  • Find lists of words by almost any phonics element you can think including by initial consonant, initial or finial digraph or consonant blend, spelling and vowel patterns, and prefixes and suffixes. 
  • Using your own words or words from the word lists, create printable worksheets, Bingo games, and flash cards
SoftSchools Includes

  • Phonics flashcards 
  • Online phonics games for:
    – beginning and ending sounds, 
    – short vowel words, 
    – magic E words,
    – chshwh, and th,
    – blplglclsl, and fl
    – oioyou, and ow
    – words that end in –an, –at, –en, –ap, –ig or –et


  • Phonics worksheets
Dinosaur Eggs Phonics Online games to practice words with 

consonant combinations

  • shthchng, and nk

vowel combinations

  • a_eaiairarareaw, and ay 
  • ea and ee 
  • i_eigh, and ir 
  • o_eoaoiooorouow, and oy 
  • u_e and ur