Phonics and Whole Language: We Need Both!
Phonics or whole language? Does your child’s reading program have the right balance?

Tips for Selecting “Just Right” Books for Your Child 
Want to find books that are “not too hard” and “not too easy” but are “just right” instead?  Plus, tips on what to do when children can’t read a word or say a book is too hard.

What’s that Book You’re Reading, Dad? 
Your attitude about reading makes a big difference in your child’s ideas about the importance of reading and learning.

Help Your Child Fall in Love with Language
Here are simple things you can do to prepare your child for reading success.

Five Tips for Parents of Reluctant Readers
So your child would rather clean his room than read a book? Here are some tips to get him reading.

EFL Playhouse 
Here are several phonemic awareness activities and resources designed to make both the teaching and learning of phonics more fun for you and your children.

Bedtime Stories for Busy Parents
This unique website has bedtime stories for busy parents, even those traveling away from home, to read aloud to their children.

103 Things to Do Before/During/After Reading
Ever wonder how you can extend a good book once you or your child is finished reading? Or how to enhance the experience while reading? Check out creative ideas at this website including acting out scenes, making a map of the book, or sending a postcard to the author.

Lit for Kids
This is a website dedicated to kids, books, families and a LOVE of reading.

Guys Read
Web-based literacy program for boys of all ages!  Lots of book suggestions and reviews specifically geared toward boys and their interests.

Scholastic Parents: Raise a Reader
This website is designed as a resource for parents to provide reading help for kids of all ages, including reading strategies, tips for developing reading skills at home, book recommendations, reading activities, and more great ways to support reading for kids.