Build a Sugar Cube Igloo.

You will need

  • sugar cubes,
  • a 7 inch diameter cardboard circle,
  • 2 egg whites, and
  • 3 cups of confectioners’ sugar.
  1. Lay a base of sugar cubes around the
    cardboard circle. Leave space for
    the entrance.
  2. Mix together 2 egg whites and 3 cups
    confectioners’ sugar to make mortar.
  3. To add subsequent rows of cubes to
    the igloo, apply the “mortar” to the
    bottom side of the cubes you are
    adding (not to those cubes already in
  4. Add a layer of cubes, one row at a
    time. Decrease the circumference
    gradually as you build up. Build one
    row starting at the left of the entrance.
    Build the next row starting at the right
    of the entrance. Continue alternating
    the starting side. Stagger the cubes
    the way a builder lays bricks. (See
    the photo.)
  5. Build five layers and then stop until
    the sugar cubes have completely
    dried. Then build five more layers,
    and let those layers dry.
  6. Working on a flat surface, make the
    roof. Make the arch for the door on
    a flat surface, too. Allow them to
    dry completely.
  7. When the roof and arch are dry, glue
    them in place.
  8. When the igloo is completely dry,
    you can sprinkle it with regular sugar,
    if you like, to give it a snowy look.


This craft is from FUN FOODS by Wim Kros.