Read Pine Trees (A Rookie Read-About Science Book) by Allan Fowler.

Pine Trees

Make a Pipe Cleaner Pine Tree with Green Yarn, Pipe Cleaners, or Strips of Paper.

  1. Cut green green pipe cleaners or yarn or strips of green paper into 12 to 20 pieces. Make the first piece very small. Make the next piece just a bit longer than the first piece. Continue, making each piece just a bit longer than the one before it.
  2. Glue or paste them to a piece of paper or cardboard. Start with the shortest one at the top of the page. Under it, center and paste the second shortest piece. Continue  until the longest piece is the one at the bottom of the page.
  3. Now you have a pine tree! If you like, you can decorate it with stickers or add “snow” to the branches by sprinkling on white glitter glue.

By Susan Penney, NESI