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Read The Mitten by Jan Brett or another book with the same title, The Mitten, by Alvin Tresselt.
The Mitten


Make a Mitten Garland with Paper, Crayons or
Markers, Scissors, Tape and String or Yarn.

  1. Print the Mitten Template. Each template has 3
    mittens, so you may want to print it several times
    to have as many mittens as you would like for
    your garland.
  2. With markers or crayons, color the mittens.
    Make each mitten different. You might
    use stripes or polka dots or color the cuff
    a different color from the rest of the
    mitten. You might ask friends or family
    members to join you in the coloring.
  3. Cut out each mitten. Tape the edge of
    each mitten’s cuff to the string or yarn.
  4. Hang up your garland for all to see! Or
    you might give it to someone special
    as a gift.

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