Ms. Linde’s Student work (3/29/2021)

 Second grade students at SLCA show their understanding of making connections to text with these drawings and sentences.

Second grade students at SLCA work on visualizing text by drawing their mental images.

 Kindergarten students at SLCA show how they can order words in a sentence.

First grade students apply their understanding of writing plurals to these words.

A first grade group asked questions about sharks, researched answers, and wrote a book demonstrating their new understanding.

A kindergarten and first grade group studied families, and worked on labeling members of their families in this project.

Ms. McLeod uses these laminated posters to post her learning objective/objectives. She uses dry erase markers to write new objectives daily or weekly!



Ms. Linde uses this Alphabet board to sort words/names by letters

Ms. Linde uses a clothesline to post student work!

Ms. Linde used these puzzle pieces to work with students on Problem/Solution.

Ms. Linde used this with her Kindergarten group!

Students in Ms. Linde’s class read a book and made their own Problem/Solution puzzle pieces.

Ms. Linde has many “Walls that Teach” in her room. She used this with students when I visited.

More of her “Walls that Teach”


Students practice making “oo” words using their own individual letter tiles!

Students use mini finger flashlights to read books.

Students choose a pizza slice to answer questions written on the back about the story they just read.