Bill Nye the Science Guy
This website is from the guy who makes science entertaining. Don’t miss the do-it-yourself demonstrations. They include experiment in life science, planetary science, and physical science.

Bitesize Science
Have fun finding out how things work in our world. Find games and activities to learn about living things, materials, and physical processes.

Catch the Science Bug
Science activities, videos, and investigations to do at home are all on this website. Also, find out what real scientists do.

Are you curious? If so, this is a great website for you. Dissect a cow’s eye; learn the science of skateboarding, baseball or hockey; explore the world of bubbles; create a shell-less egg; or much more.

This is the online version of the San Francisco hands-on Exploratorium science museum.

Science Fair Project Resource Guide
Make doing a science fair project easier and more fun. Find resources to help you with the following: