Find games,things to make and videosabout climate change. Includes sections on weather, air, oceans, fresh water, carbon, energy, and plants and animals.

Desert USA
Learn about the desert ecosystem of the American Southwest including the animals and plants that live there.

Earth Rangers
Play eco-friendly games, watch animal videos, and learn how Earth Rangers is partnering with kids to save endangered animals.

Earthquakes for Kids
There’s a great site to have fun while you learn about earthquakes. This website was created by the U.S. Geological Survey.

Energy Kids

What’s energy, where does it come from, and how do we use and save it? What energy is renewable? Complete an Energy Scavenger Hunt and earn an Energy Expert Certificate. Check out the games and activities.

EPA Students for the Environment
This website for kids from the Environmental Protection Agency has homework resources and games and quizzes on the following topics:  air, climate change, ecosystems, energy, recycling, Earth Day and water.

NASA’s weather website for children includes answers and games about weather, oceans and tides, seasons, and storms.

The Great Plant Escape
If you are in 4th – 6th grade and like detective mysteries, this is the website for you. As you solve mysteries, you will learn about plant science and how food grows.

What’s It Like Where You Live?

Explore the biomes (or habitats) of the world as well as fresh and salt water ecosystems. Find out about the different plants and animals that live in each one.