Anvil Studio
Have an electronic musical instrument? This free download allows students to compose, record, and play music with MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) equipment and to print sheet music. 

Creative Kids Central
This interactive site helps students explore classical music. Play games to learn about opera, chamber music and symphonic music. Requires Flash and works best on faster computers.

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids
Musical games and activities make learning about instruments and composers fun!

Kids’ Songs
Find the words to and listen to favorite songs. There are children’s songs as well as patriotic songs, old favorites, tunes from popular movies, and holiday classics. 

Play Musical Boomwhackers
Make music! Just click on different colored tubes to hear the notes.

Música Educa
This Spanish-language site offers games and activities to help young people learn about music, reading music, instruments, and sounds. 

Este sitio les ofrece a los jovenes juegos y actividades que les enseñará acerca de la música, leer música, los instrumentos, y los sonidos.