Bob the Builder
Learn about machines and construction. Projects to build, games to play, and activities to print and do, all based on the PBS TV show.

Building BIG
Explore large structures such as bridges, skyscrapers, domes, dams and tunnels. Learn how they are made.

How Stuff Works
How do cats purr? How are crayons and markers made? How do they get the fat out of fat-free foods? Search this site to learn how anything works.

Invention at Play
Explore the playful side of invention


Invention Playhouse
Play invention games and puzzles.

Kids Think Design
Everything people create is designed first. Select a category (fashion design, book design, product design, architecture, etc.) and then click the Design a Product button.

Robotic Activities You Can Build
Using everyday items you find at home, follow these directions to build robotic arms, hovercrafts, and more. Aimed at students in upper elementary through high school.

Engineer Girl
This website that celebrates the exciting opportunities for girls in engineering. Learn what engineers do.