Age of Dinosaurs
Learn about dinosaurs, fossils, and sea monsters. The website includes an image gallery and games and quizzes.

All About Birds
Learn about birds’ names, history, behavior and location. Hear bird songs and watch bird videos. The site is from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Bat Resources
The is a great resource for learning about bats. It has a section of activities for children.

Butterflies and Moths
Go here for information on moths and butterflies including their life cycles, coloring pages, and stories.

National Aquarium, Baltimore
Emphasizing their current exhibits, you can watch live cams of some of their aquatic animals. The website also has information on a variety of sea life.

National Wildlife Federation Kids
Don’t miss the animal games. The Family Fun section includes cool animal crafts, outdoor activities, printables and songs. 

National Zoo, Washington, D.C. 
Watch live animal cams of the zoo animals and read about the different animals

Ocean Portal 
From the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, discover creatures of the sea at this website.

Pet Health and Care
Learn how to care for your cats, dogs, and other small animals.

San Diego Zoo Kids
Here’s a fun way to learn about animals. Enjoy the gamesactivities, animal cams and videos, and animal information.

Switch Zoo Animal Games
Play animal games, build a habitat, or learn about any of the 142 animals listed on this website. Even create your own new animals.