Age: Preschool – High School

Time: 30 minutes
Type of Activity: Art

Materials Needed:
Large pieces of paper or cardboard
Famiy photographs or pictures cut out of magazines and paste
Crayons or markers

What to Do:
Your whole family discusses ideas that could represent your family history and lives such as:

  • Pictures of special foods your family enjoys or uses in celebrations or that represents your heritage
  • Pictures that represent your first or last names
  • Flags of the countries that represent your family heritage
  • Drawings or photographs of activities your family does together
  • Pictures to represent your family’s favorite sports or games or teams

1.   Each family member draws the outline of a shield on a large piece of paper and divides the shield into four equal sections.  (See the Related Files below to print the three shields displayed above, or make up your own shape for shields.)

2.   In each section of your shield, paste or draw one of the things that represents your family.

3.   Cut out the shields, display them, and enjoy talking about them together!