The Third and Fourth Grader students at St. Therese North are using a variety of tools and strategies to find equivalent fractions, along with comparing fractions for greater or less than values. The pupils began by working with fraction tiles and circles to find equivalent fractions. The students questioned how some of the fractions were a simple unit fraction, such as ½ could be equal to proper fractions like 2/4, 3/6, 4/8, and so forth. They moved from hands-on manipulatives to strategies like tape diagrams and double number lines. The instructions elaborated on how important it is to draw congruent parts by using lines of symmetry on both the double number lines and in the tape diagrams. The students used their knowledge of multiplication facts to help with finding equivalent fractions, such as 2/5 is equal to 4/10 because both the numerator and denominator were doubled: (2×2=4 and 5×2=10). They also used division to simplify or reduce a proper fraction to the lowest term: such as 3/15 divided by 3/3 equals 1/5. The students built on their knowledge of equivalent fractions to compare fractions for greater and less than value. Again, the pupils used fractions circles to compare which unit fraction is larger 1/3 > ¼. The pupils quickly learned that the more pieces an object is cut into, the smaller the portion of the whole they would receive. These activities were followed up by comparing proper fractions to unit or proper fractions. The third and Fourth graders will use the strategies that they have learned to help to add and subtract fractions with like and unlike denominators.