Students in 6th grade at Holy Cross School read the book Revolting Recipes in the Gold LLI Series. The story is about a boy named George who is the smallest boy in his 6th grade class.

He has a bully who keeps taking his sandwiches at lunchtime. George had to figure out how to outsmart the bully. Before reading, students predicted what they thought would happen to George and his bully.

While reading, students were thinking or inferring about George’s actions and what those actions tell about him as a character. After reading, students had a comprehensive conversation about Revolting Recipes and how George was able to possibly outwit his bully. Students created a two-column chart, one side labeled

George’s Actions and the other side labeled What George is Like. Students participated in a shared writing activity, students discussed about George’s actions starting from the beginning of the book in one column, and then had to infer George’s character traits in the other column. They wrote this together as a group.