The students at St. Elizabeth in Kansas City have been enjoying reviewing sight words by playing the game Pop. During this game students take turns picking a popcorn card out of the box. After a card is selected, they read the sight word on the card-but watch out some cards say “POP!” If the card has pop on it, they must put all their popcorn pieces in the middle. The student with the most pieces of popcorn at the end wins. Every time we play as the students are collecting popcorn pieces, I notice them trying to make sentences out of the words. That inspired our writing assignment. First, we started by playing Pop. Once the students each chose ten words, we stopped the game. The students looked at their words and naturally started trying to make sentences. Then, we moved onto our writing assignment. The students were to look at their words and try to incorporate them into a story. As they wrote a word from their popcorn piece, they underlined it in their story and flipped over the piece. Once they were finished, they shared and illustrated their stories. In the coming weeks we will work on our editing skills using this writing piece to produce a final copy.