Ms. Kamps’ 2nd graders at Our Lady of Guadalupe are learning how the silent letter E changes the vowel in a word from short to long. They are noticing how the sound of the word and the meaning changes.

They played a game entitled Swat and Say to practice this skill. Short vowel words were hidden across the room and students had to find the word and swat and say it.

Then they placed the silent E on the end of the word and read the new word they created. Students came back to their seats after locating each word and wrote the word on their recording sheet.

Finally, they were able to swat and say a word on the bug of their choice and take it home for further practice. It was a fun learning activity for all and allowed the students to be fully engaged in learning about the silent E. Please enjoy the pictures below and you will see all the fun and hard work that was had in the Title I classroom!