7th grade students at Holy Cross in KC read the book “Twister Resisters.” It is part of the Alliance Series. The series is about three students who have superpowers. They go to a special school to perform their powers. They have to go through simulations and real-world like obstacle courses. Each book in the series focuses on one of the students. This book is about Saya. Her power is super speed. She also believes her power is better than everyone else’s. She quickly learns her lesson in the story. After reading the book, students wrote a two-column chart about Saya and her fellow teammates (Kai and Doug). One column was labeled Kai and Doug’s Behavior, the other was labeled What Each Behavior tells about Saya. Students had to use text evidence for specific pages and then find the behaviors on those pages. Students had to infer why Saya might be acting a certain way toward each page. We completed the activity for the first part, and then the last part was completed on their own.