St. Therese North 4th graders spent the start of the second semester using a variety of tools and strategies to multiply up to 2-digit numbers by a 2-digit number. The pupils began by using a horizontal area model to multiply a 1-digit number times a 2-digit numeral using expanded form, for example: 7 x 48 = 7 x (40+8) = 280 + 56 = 336. Then they moved up to an area model that is for 2-digit numbers by a 2-digit number using expanded forms at the top and on the side. The students also use base-10 blocks to find the product of multi-digit numerals. They extended the process by drawing the base-10 replicas and color coding the partial products red, green, yellow, and blue. Building on the visual multiplication procedures, the children began using the distributive property of multiplication, for example 22 x 31 = 20 x (30 + 1) + 2 x (30 x 1). The next strategy used by the group was the vertical partial product process which led the pupils right into the regular multiplication algorithm. For the final assessment, the students had the opportunity to use the strategy or tool they liked and understood best.