Mrs. Butler’s 2nd/3rd grade Math class at Epstein Hebrew have been working really hard on manipulating place value when working with numbers, whether reading, writing or answering a place value question. The objective for this lesson spread over several days and was to manipulate the place value depending on the number given. For example, students first began by working with the more/less number chart. Students were to color code and determine which number/place value increases/decreases by adding either 1 or 10 or subtracting 1 or 10.

The second part of the activity, was to build numbers correctly using the place value chart and determine where a single digit number should go or even the numbers would look when written as an equation, such as, 25+7. Our next objective will be to show how carrying begins when we have 2 place values in the ones.

For example, 7+5=12, therefore, 12 has 2 place values and the 12 would be split between the ones and tens with the 2 staying behind and the 1 joining its neighbor!