The Title I Math classes at Freedom have been learning and growing despite the many days off of School. Most classes are almost finished with Volume I of AchieveMath and ready for Volume 2. 1st grade was the first group to finish Volume 1.

Listed below are the concepts students are or will be working on soon.

1st Grade-Learning about place value and how to add or subtract 10 from a number.

2nd Grade-Learning how to add or subtract 100 from a number as well as how to break a number into ones, tens and hundreds.

3rd Grade-Just finishing multiplication and about to move on to fractions.

4th Grade-Dividing a 3-digit number by a 1-digit number and how to exchange 100s, 10s and 1s to divide a number equally.

6th Grade-Ready to learn about fractions.

Each class tackles a daily “Real World Problem” where the students apply mathematic skills learned to an age-appropriate problem. The students are learning to follow a 4-step procedure to attack these after hearing the story of a “Real World Problem”. The steps are below.

Step 1-What do we need to figure out?

Step 2-What information do we already know?

Step 3-What skills or strategies can we use to solve?

Step 4-What plan do we need to follow to find the answer?

(This is often presented with terms from the lesson of the day.) This approach teaches a strategy that the students will be able to follow for years to come in math classes. It is a practical everyday approach to something that could happen in real life. Below is a sample of a Real-Life Problem from the AchieveMath Series.