The Holy Cross School 3rd Grade Pupils are working on solving word problems for multiplication and division using a variety of tools to distinguish the whole from the part.

They began the work by making area models using links to build rows and columns to represent the factors of a multiplication equation.

The students concentrated on learning the importance of distinguishing the rows as the group, while the columns are the set number in each group. The next step was to use a multiplication Tape Diagram to represent the whole number as the product, the sections as the factor that represents the group, and finally the set number in each section as the other factor.

After much practice, the students inverted the process to work on division. They again began the process with links, working with the total as the dividend, the rows as the group and the columns as the set. The students had to read each word problem carefully to understand the dividend was the whole, the divisor was either the group or set to develop a correct array, area model, Division Tape Diagram or a Number Bond. The third graders have used a variety of tools to better learn and memorize the multiplication and division facts to 12.