Ms. Kamps’ 7th grade math students have been studying the relationship between fractions, decimals and percents. It is always beneficial for students to make real-world connections when learning new math skills and the 7th graders at Our Lady of Guadalupe did just that! They participated in three real-life math activities in which they put their newly learned math skills to the test and had a lot of fun doing it!

First, they put their decimal and percent skills to work. They looked at food and store menus from various restaurants and created a pretend lunch order. They had fun knowing money was no object! One student decided to shop at Bed Bath and Beyond and it looks like she may be a future chef. In doing this activity, they had to add the prices of their items being sure to line up the decimals. Then they used their new knowledge of finding a percent of a number to add a tip.

Next, they practiced converting fractions to decimals and percents using a model of the Dominos pizza they were ordering for lunch. Their pizza math tables show all the awesome skills used in this activity! Finally, they placed their Dominos order which included figuring out a percentage of the bill to be used as the tip. You will see they calculated both a 10% and 20% gratuity.

The students were very excited to learn how to calculate a tip and they plan to do so the next time they go out to eat or order in with their families! Please remind them to figure out the amount for you so they can show off their newly acquired math skills! Enjoy the photos of the hard-work and fun they had in Title I class! Excellent job my 7th grade friends!

Group 1