Bishop Hogan 3rd graders have been working hard on comprehension strategies this year. We have been working on visualizing most recently. Visualizing is when a reader makes mental images as they read or listen to a story.

One way to reinforce the practice of creating visual images is to have the students listen to a picture book without looking at the illustrations. I read the story, Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride by Kate DiCamillo, without sharing the colorful, funny illustrations.

I completely covered up the outside of the book, so they had no idea what Mercy looked like. After they listened to the book, the children created a picture of the mental image they made while I was reading the story to them. We discussed that mental images are like movies that play in our brains as we read.

We then read the story again and studied the illustrations. We discussed how our mental images can change after revisiting the story. Once the students created their mental images on paper, we then summarized the story by sequencing the story events.