The Holy Cross School 5th Graders began the year locating the points on the coordinate planes.

First, they learned how the x-axis and the y-axis cross at a perpendicular angle and the vertex on a grid is call the origin (0,0). The pupils found the points described by each ordered pair to help plot or locate objects or on a grid. As a class the students discussed the importance of reading maps for car trips or finding treasure on a scavenger hunt.

The follow up lesson reinforces the procedures by using ratio variables as the ordered pairs. The students identify two variables, such as number of set-ups completed in a set amount of time.

The boys can do 5 set-ups in 10 seconds. If they keep that up for 50 seconds, what is the ratio of set-ups completed in designated amount of time?

The students then completed a table with the ratios and used them as coordinate plans on a grid that they designed, labeled and completed.