Ms. Davitt’s 4th Grade students at Holy Cross have been learning about the importance of place and place values. We begin the unit with vocabulary terms that are so vital to all mathematic equations. Students learned the distinction between a digit, number, and numeral, along with the importance of the terms: place, place value, and a period of values. We discussed and learned that the ones period includes the value of the ones, tens, and hundred’s places, and furthermore, that each period is separated by a comma, for example the thousands and millions period.

The pupils used counters to build a numeral up to a million on a place value mat. They then used the display on the Mat to write the number in standard, expanded, and word form. The class discussed the importance of maintaining and holding the value of each place. Using what we have learned the students began comparing for greater than, less than, and equal to values.

Finally, the students used the place value mats and number lines to compare and to round numerals at various places within 100,000. These lessons are all building up to all four mathematical operations for regrouping, borrowing, and maintaining place values in multiplication and division.