Ms. McLeod’s students at St. Patrick’s Catholic School have been working on developing their reading and writing skills this year. They are all making tremendous progress. It has been so fun to watch them blossom!

Both the Kindergarten LLI Group and the Second Grade Group recently have been working on sequencing stories. The Kindergarten students have been working on retelling the story after reading by telling four chronological events in order. The 2nd graders have been making sure they have the beginning,  the problem and the resolution included in their retellings.

The kindergarten students have gone from non-writers to writing sentences. They will continue reading more difficult books and continue writing sentences. Next up for the second graders is to make an Insect Book. The 2nd graders are blossoming, and their writings are longer and more detailed. They are writing paragraphs now. The students are all working hard to prepare for the next grade. Look out 2021-2022 school year, here we come!