Mrs. Mueller’s 1st graders learned a big lesson in how to use resources. This can include the books they are or have read, anchor charts from past lessons, their fellow classmates, and so forth. In this case we repurposed one of our linking charts into a game. The Holy Child first graders have been working many weeks on identifying and using consonant clusters. As a quick check they played a short game during word work. The linking chart is posted on the wall with numbers 1-6 written down the left side. Students roll a die and use the number they roll to identify one of the consonant clusters in that column. They must identify the sound it makes and come up with a word that uses that cluster. Once they have done that successfully they place a sticky note with their name on it indicating they know that one. The goal is for each student to have a sticky note on each consonant cluster they have mastered. It’s a fun interactive way to assure understanding and the students get so excited when they see that die come out and are eager to participate.