Ms. Davitt’s 4th Grade Math students at St. Therese have worked on Division Facts and the Long Division Process.

The 4th grade students are working on understanding that division is the inverse or opposite of multiplication and that the long division process uses multiple steps to complete the problems.

We discussed that division is a grouping process that allows us to separate items so that each group gets equal amounts. The pupils learned that a division problem can be displayed in several setups: with a division sign, with a bracket or as a fraction.

The students worked dividing dividends up to 4-digits by a 1-digit divisor to solve quotients with and without remainders. Introducing the vocabulary was very important to the teachers. A “I can statement has been up throughout the learning process for the students to reference and a mnemonic sheet was stapled into their Word Study Journal.

To begin the process the pupils learned a mnemonic: (Does McDonalds Sell Cheese Burgers Raw?)

Dad, Mother, Sister, Brother, and Rover=Divide, Multiply, Subtract, Bring Down, and Repeat or Remainer.

One of the 4th grade classes even came up with their own mnemonic: “Does McDonalds Sell Big Drinks?”