Ms. Davitt’s 2nd Graders from Holy Cross are learning about the differences between a cause and effect from the story they are reading. Before diving into a full book, the pupils established that a cause is the reason why something might happen, and the effect is what happens. The students used personal experiences to grasp this concept. For example: it was raining outside, therefore, they would not be able to go outside for recess.

With each book the class begins by bringing background knowledge of other texts or experiences to predict and understand the subject. Building greater comprehension can easily be done by summarizing the effect of a story situations or the cause for the behavior of a character.

The 2nd graders are reading the BLUE LLI “Moosling Series” books. Moosling is a very loving, caring, friendly moose who experience some bad effects when trying to help his friends. In Moosling the Babysitter, Father Skunk asks Moosling to care for the baby skunks for the day. After learning all the causes that would upset the baby skunks and would cause them to spray Moosling, Father Skunk left for the day. Unfortunately, he forgot one very important thing, NOT TO SING. By the time he hurried back, he was too late, Moosling had already been fumigated.

Another story is Hugs, Pin the porcupine is feeling extremely sad and wants a hug from her friends. However, her friends realize the effect of hugging Pin would be extremely painful. Moosling comes up with a way to help Pin by wrapping a coat around her, so he and his friends can all hug Pin with no prickly side effects.

Other LLI Blue Books that helped with cause and effect were Super Fox and The Broken Clock.