Ms. Davitt’s 7th grade math students at Holy Cross 7th Grade Math students have worked on their knowledge of Angle Properties and Straight Lines.

The 7th grade math students worked on finding special properties that are useful in solving problems by using angles formed on a straight line, or by parallel lines and a transversal intersection. The pupils then learned to find the adjacent angles on both the complementary angle by using 90*minus the known acute angle and the supplementary angles by subtracting the given obtuse angle from the Magic 180*.

The 7th graders explored the properties involving angles at a point of a vertex such as vertical and congruent angles. The pupils identify the types of angles formed by parallel lines and a transversal intersection called corresponding and alternating interior or exterior angles.

Time was spent on finding real life situations for these formulas for construction of residential and commercial buildings, along with recreational items like bicycles, boats, gardening landscapes, and musical instruments.