Ms. Butler’s Kindergarten students at Agape Christian Academy in St. Louis, MO have been working on initial and final consonant sounds and then, selecting the correct vowel for the word. Our focus was to segment a word and stretch that word so that we are able to hear the individual sounds. First, Ms. Butler would say a word, such as, “big”. Then, students would determine what the beginning letter sound is and write the corresponding letter in the first box. Next, we would repeat the word slowly and stretch to hear the vowel sound.

As a step, Ms. Butler wrote the vowels on the board so that they were familiar with which letters to choose. Once students identified the correct vowel (and if an incorrect vowel was chosen, Ms. Butler would say the word using that vowel and compare it to our original word), they would write the correct vowel in the middle box and then, we would move on to the final consonant. To wrap up the activity, Ms. Butler discussed the focus again and with a highlighter went down the list on each of their papers to separate the word family from the initial sound. Ms. Butler is very proud of her students for spelling CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant words) correctly! They are slowly beginning to see patterns in words:)