Ms. McLeod’s Kindergarten LLI Group at St. Patrick’s Catholic School have been learning so many things. They have been learning about syllables by clapping them out. They have been practicing our sight word recognition, and they understand that there are words that,  “We know just like that as fast as a snap”.  They have been learning about short vowel sounds by writing new words in, ‘My Vowel Book’. All the students know that the vowel letters are, “a, e, i, o, and u”. They practice saying our vowel sounds, both long and short sounds each day. When reading, they continue to learn how to attack an unknown word by looking at the beginning sound, looking at the vowel letter(s), looking at the pictures in the story and by thinking, “What makes sense?”. They continue to improve our reading fluency as they advance into more difficult stories. They also are working hard at retelling the stories we read each day.

They have also been learning writing. The students have worked hard to write a sentence with a capital letter and end it with a period. They know to look to the word wall if they need help spelling a word. They also know how to write down the sounds as they say the word slowly. The students have been working hard at letter formation, leaving spaces between words, and putting down every word that is in the sentence as we say it out loud. Below is a picture of recent writings the students completed after reading the book, “A Day at the Park”. These kindergarteners are making great strides in reading and writing.