The Holy Cross 4th Grade Math students have worked on multiplication of up to a 4-digit number by a 1-digit number.


The students used the Algorithm Model to calculate a 4-digit number times a 1-digit number with regrouping and across zeros.  They have worked on their multiplication facts and are now beginning the process of learning multiple digit work.  Pupils also practiced working with multiples of 10’s and 100’s.  They also learned to multiply decimal numerals by using their basic algorithm and then counting the place values behind the decimal to insert the decimals.

1                                      2                                    3

Example:            1:   54                              2:    543                       3:    504                          4:   $5.(41)

X 2                                     X_60                              X 6                                X___9

108                                  16,290                         3,024                               $48.(69)


The class also worked on reading, analyzing, and calculating word problems with too much information.  These problems required that the students to look for hidden data, such as days of a week, ounces in a pound, or inches in a foot.  The students showed their work and eliminated the extra information.