Ms.Kamps’ fifth graders at Our Lady of Guadalupe have been virtual learners the entire year! They have overcome many challenges, including learning how to navigate zoom with their tools, work around poor internet connections and having to be responsible for their own learning opportunities! Ms. Kamp is proud of their efforts and persistence to make our class time as productive as possible.

This lesson focused on taking notes, supporting opinions with evidence from the story and putting them into an opinion paragraph. The girls read, “What is New at the Zoo” on zoom, discussed each section and wrote down the main ideas in note-taking format. They then had to decide how they felt about zoos and give their opinion using facts from their notes. You will notice their use of paragraph form as well as the evidence they cited supporting their opinion about zoos. Their writing was done on their own after our virtual lesson, using their notes taken during the reading of the story. Ms. Kamp was so pleased to see how well they were able to put a multitude of skills together to create interesting pieces of writing. Enjoy!