The Holy Cross 7th Grade Math students have worked on their knowledge of Geometry and Measurement.

The seventh-grade math students worked on finding the measure of an acute, right, or obtuse angle of triangles by using the Magic 180* number. After classifying the 3 types of triangle by their sides: equilateral, isosceles and scalene, the students then found the relationship of angles of the acute, right, and obtuse triangles. The pupils then learned to find the missing angles by using the Magic 180 degree number minus the degrees you already know.

The 7thgraders reviewed the parts of a circle, such as radius, diameter and circumference, so they could learn the formulas for finding circumference and area of a circle. The pupils were introduced to the mathematic term: pi=3.14. Then the formula for circumference was presented as the circumference of a circle is around 3 times the distance of the diameter, therefore, the formula for circumference is C=d x pi ( 3.14). Then they learned the formula for the area of a circle as Area= radius squared times pi (3.14).

Much time was spent on finding real life situations for these formulas. In our area we have 2 large automobile companies that would need some of these formulas for auto parts. We also have large farms outside of the city that would use the formulas for saving on trips through fields and planting of crops. Along with a great deal of new home construction that would need these formulas for building.