The 5th grade students at South City Catholic Academy just read the very interesting story, “From Poop to Paper!” We thought the title was funny, but the story was about a serious subject and very interesting. 

It is a nonfiction, informational text about a man in Thailand who has a big idea at an elephant sanctuary.  When visiting, he realized they had so much poop to clean up. Then he thought about the fact that the poop was basically made of fiber since the elephants eat trees and leaves. A light bulb went off! Since paper is made from tree fibers, and so is the elephant poop, why not make paper from it? It would be a win-win situation!  There would be less poop at the sanctuary, and it would also save trees. 

We worked on summarizing the story after we read it.  Then we listed the important steps in the process, along with some other important details from the story. We found it very interesting and loved what an earth-friendly idea the man had in the story. Please read through the steps as you enjoy the illustrations about the book, “From Poop the Paper!”