The Holy Cross 4th Grade Math students have worked on Problem Solving Techniques. 


The math students began working with The Fantastic Five-Step Process which centers on the 5 fingers procedure.  The first step encourages the students to concentrate on the FACTS!  Who has the problem, what numbers are they working with and what is being counted? These FACTS lead the student to find the QUESTION that needs to be solved. Students look for key words, such as how many, how many more, altogether, how many left. that might help them understand the question. Once the QUESTION is understood, the student might need to ELIMINATE extra data, KEEP necessary facts, or INTERPRET hidden information.  Hidden information may include calculating how many hours in a day or days in a week.  Step 4 prompts student to choose a STRATEGY and SOLVE the problem.  Students are always asked to show their work, so that both they and their teacher can see the STRATEGIES used to SOLVE the equation.  Finally, the student check to make sure the answer MAKES SENSE by writing a complete sentence using the information from the QUESTION.


Then the pupils highlight each of The Fantastic Five-Steps to demonstrate that the understand the 5 pieces of data need to solve and answer the word problems.  Students are required to use the workspace to show their work, so that both Mrs. Davitt and the students could how the problem were solved.


The Moving With Math: PROBLEM SOLVING METHOD includes The Fantastic Five-Steps in a little different order, along with an ESTIMATION step before finally solving the problem.  Problem solving is a life-long skill for everyone, therefore, Holy Cross Title I Math students spend time practicing everyday!