The St. Therese 4th Grade Math students have worked on Multiplication Area Model and the Multiplication Algorithm. The fourth-grade students are working on multi-digit multiplication. The pupils began by reviewing their multiplication facts and then moved on to the Multiplication Area Model. This model helps students to understand that each number holds a place value that must be multiply by the value of the other factor, so the expanded notation was also reviewed prior to learning the Area Model.

The students moved from the Area Model to graphing 2-digit times 2-digit numbers on a graph paper. Again, they separated the tens value and one’s values. Then completed the multiplication problem using the graphic sheet to solve the equations.

The final step was to follow the 4-Step Algorithm Model:

Step 1 Multiply the top number by the ones digit.
Step 2: Hold the ones place with a zero.
Step 3: Multiply the top number by the tens digit.
Step 4: Add the totals.