Holy Name Kindergartners are immersing themselves in recognizing initial sounds, both by phoneme to phoneme and by phoneme to letter identification. The pupils are recognizing and using the pictures that begin with the same sound and they are using their listening skills to hear the sound that is being pronounced to match pictures.  

This matching process helps with early reading attempts, so a pupil can begin to pronounce unknown words with the correct beginning sound.  The Baby (Orange #22) helped them to explore all the items that a baby might need for everyday survival, such as blankets, a rattle and bottles. The pupils extended their reading to include the different baby items in their writing.  

The kindergarteners liked many of the outdoor activities that the boy and girl got to do in Going Sledding (Orange #23) and Making a Snowman (Orange #24).  They could relate to how the children had to dress to go out into the cold weather.  For example, students had to be away of the jacket versus coat, recognizing the difference between j and c phoneme/grapheme. Also, the difference between coal and rock for the snowman’s buttons.

Along with identify and matching the initial sounds of the words the students practiced spelling rhyming words that required them to change just the initial letter.  As they practice they were able to identify more of the letters that match the sounds in each word.