The St. Patrick Second Graders are learning about the differences between a cause and effect from the story they are reading. Before diving into a full book, the pupils established that a cause is the reason why something might happen, and the effect is what happens. The students used personal experiences to grasp this concept.  For example: it was raining outside, therefore, they would not be able to go outside for recess.  

    With each book the class begins by bringing background knowledge of other texts or experiences to predict and understand the subject.  Building greater comprehension can easily be done by summarizing the effect of a story situations or the cause for the behavior of a character.  

    The second graders read about Tia in The Bad Luck Day, Green 109.  Many of the bad things that happen to the main character were the effect of what occurred prior to the bad luck.  Tia’s alarm failed to go off, so she was running late for school, she forgot to put her math work in her backpack, therefore she couldn’t hand it in on time, along with her dog unplugging the phone, causing her conversation with Benny to be cut off.

    As the students have continue to read books from the Achieve Literacy Virtual Intervention Presentations, they have used cause and effect in their summaries.  The students learned how air temperature can cause thunderstorms to develop into Tornadoes, Week 3 Lesson 1.  The pupil’s summary of All Lizards, Big and Small, Week 9, Lesson 1, taught the effect of warm environments and coloring on the survival of lizards.  Most students can establish the cause and effect of everyday personal experiences, but may not always like the opportunity lost when the effect comes to light.