The Holy Name Second grade math students are working on Problem Solving.  The math students began working with The MOVING WITH MATH Strategies. The students do a problem-solving activity every day.  They follow the Five steps problem solving:

Step 1. Read and understand or ask questions.

Step 2. Find the question and needed facts.

Step 3. Decide on a process or operation

Step 4. Estimate and discuss with peers. (Find math terms)

Step 5. Solve and check back. Remember to label

Moving with math 3  Moving with math 4 Moving with math 5 Moving with math 6 Moving with math 7Moving with math 8 Moving with math 9

They are encouraged to discuss what information is important and what words are key to solving the equations, such as different, all together and each. We call these mathematical terms and we underline these words in purple. 

The pupils are asked to highlight in yellow the questions being asked and/or the directions to follow to complete the problem, like complete the pattern.  Students are asked to use the workspace to show their work, so that both the teacher and the students can see how the problems were solved.

The problem-solving activities that are being chosen relate to experience that the students may have personally experienced, such as buying toys, riding rides in a set time limit and understanding a pattern.

Problem solving is a life long skill for everyone, therefore, Holy Name Title I Math students are spending time practicing every day!